A newly Listed Building – yes, I said a Victorian Bear Pit!

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English Heritage have somewhat of a history of peculiar buildings, monuments or structures becoming Listed Buildings. These range from the pedestrian crossing outside of the Abbey Road studios, made famous of course by The Beatles, right through to the “Ops” Room at RAF Uxbridge, where the Battle of Britain was controlled and fought!

This story comes as no surprise to some then that an open Victorian bear pit (I admit, it isn’t a phrase that you hear very often!) has been granted Listed Building Status. The pit (located in Kent) dates back to 1837 and has been rediscovered in an archaeological survey of the area back in 2012. The structure was originally built to house bears within Rosherville Gardens as a tourist attraction and is the only known surviving brick built example nationally. The gardens themselves closed to the public in 1913, but to this day the open pit has survived relatively intact and the outline of the four attached dens are still easy to read.

You can see more about the history of the structure here

If you are looking at buying a listed building, or any other building for that matter, don’t forget to get a good quality survey carried out before you purchase the property. It just might save you a small fortune by avoiding a dreadful purchase or could even be used to negotiate a reduced price due to the condition of the building! You can contact me here to discuss Listed Buildings.

Also have a look through at some of the Listed Buildings with which I have been involved over the years to give you some food for though of what can be achieved with the right planning and design.

The Grade II Listed Toll House can be viewed here

The Grade II Sandford Park Alehouse can be viewed here

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