Ed Davey is to announce yearly energy reviews to keep the energy sector competitive

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There has been news today that Ed Davey, the Climate and Energy Secretary, will outline details of a yearly review of the energy industry to encourage competitive pricing for home and business owners.

Although this is good news and should help to level the playing field if done correctly, it is still the last port of call in terms of energy usage.  Improving the insulation levels in your home and looking to install other energy efficient measures such as low energy LED lighting will reduce the overall costs of running your home or business and will mean that the fluctuations in energy prices will create less of an impact to your wallet!

I am always keen to advise people on how they can save and reduce energy, and if you want to extend your home this is even more important.  Feel free to contact me here to discuss any energy usage issues that you have and I will point you in the right direction.

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