Fantastic change of use for historic castle ruins

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Well, this article just about sums up my way of thinking that nothing is ‘beyond repair’!

I appreciate that homeowners with Listed properties in particular shudder when you mention ‘repair’ as this more often than not comes at a higher cost than providing a new element to the exact same specifications. However there is something to be said for trying to retain as much historic fabric as possible. If a window has lasted for 50 years (or more!) for example, but requires a new cill due to decay, then why replace the upper section of the window when it has proved it can withstand the test of time!

In this BBC article it is clear to see where the old ends and the new begins.

Having worked on many historic building projects myself, the key to changing the use of an existing building is often that it will bolster the original fabric and so actually increase the likelihood of said building surviving another 100 years.

I am always open to discussing new building projects, whether they are extensions of any size, loft conversions, new build and of course historic conversions. Feel free to view some of my past projects here and if you are looking to undertake a project then you can contact me here.

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