Germany breaks World Record for Solar Power Generation!

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For most of us in the UK, the last week contained a large number of sun-filled hours, it seems that Germany also had the sun on side!

Solar power plants in Germany managed to generate a massive 22 gigawatts of electricity at midday during Friday and Saturday, this is equivalent to 20 Nuclear Power Stations at full capacity!

This comes after the German government have stepped back from nuclear power, following the Fukushima disaster last year, and renewable sources of energy currently account for around 20% of the power produced in the country.

If you are considering a renewable energy source in your project, then please let us know at an early stage in your project so that the necessary elements can be included in the build process. Even if you are considering adding renewables to the build at a later date, we will do our best to make the building future-proof so that these products can be added later down the line.

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