Historic house in UK to feature in new Disney film!

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Historic country houses are often used for film and television work with everything from Harry Potter to Downton Abbey being filmed in these fantastic country house locations.

It’s been announced that Disney are to make a four part series (which will be shown as a film in some countries) called Evermoor. The series is going to be shot on location at the Early Victorian, Jacobean-style ‘Arley Hall’ in Cheshire and the 12 acres of gardens surrounding the property. It is going to be a non-animated Disney film where the star of the show will be your typical all-American teenage girl that has been moved from the US to the UK and is likely to feature the ‘creaky’ house and gardens quite extensively as part of the adventure.

The series is to be filmed by the independent production company Lime Pictures, who also make Hollyoaks for Channel 4, so there is bound to be sufficient teenage drama for most viewers.

The use of our historic buildings is often in question and we need to ensure that we maintain these to the proper standards for future generations. Inventive uses such as this example is great to see in my view as it’s a great way to boost tourism to a particular town or village (and in the case of the really big hitting titles such as Harry Potter, a draw from visitors outside of the United Kingdom). It is also a superb way to showcase some of our rich built environment. Country houses such as this example in Cheshire are steeped in history and the owners sometimes struggle to find economical uses for these great estate buildings.
Wedding venues and Tourism are probably the most prevalent, but it seems there will always be a need for these monumental historic buildings on our televisions and film screens!

You can find out more about the house and the 12 acre gardens here.

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