Was your dining room large enough this Christmas?

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So, you had all of the family around to spend time together, passed presents, pulled crackers and perhaps took part in some charades?! But what happened when you all came to take your seats in the dining room? Well, you were spread between two rooms with three tables at different heights with no way of anybody walking between the rooms once you were all seated, so you had to wait what felt like a lifetime to be passed the stuffing!

It is an extreme example and often we cram more people into our houses for that day than any other, but on a serious note, if you have a space that needs looking at, then have a look at the projects page of my site (here) to get an idea of the type of work I undertake and if you see something that inspires you, then give me a call or drop me an email (my contact details can be found here) to discuss how I can help you redesign your existing floor area.

You don’t always have to extend to ‘sprout’ extra space! 🙂

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