Renewable energy gets a boost from UK Government!

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The RHI (or Renewable Heat Incentive) scheme has been officially launched today!

The scheme is aimed at homeowners (living in predominantly off-grid homes) with very high energy costs for heating their homes. The new scheme is Government backed and allow property owners to install renewable heating systems into their homes in exchange for a fixed tax free amount to be paid to the owners each year. The incentive scheme has been a long time in the making, but has today been officially announced which could spell great news for the construction and renewable energy industries. The idea is to reduce the reliance on fossil based fuels for homes around the country that currently have limited options as they may be off the mains gas grid.

The scheme is hoped to encourage people who are currently heating their properties with gas or oil to migrate to not only a more efficient heating system, but also one that reduces the impact on our environment.

There are a variety of systems that can be installed including Ground Source Heat Pumps, Air Source Heat Pumps, Biomass boilers (wood burning) or Solar Thermal panels. The heat pump systems are entirely self sufficient and once installed require no ‘fuel’ other than the electricity to run them. The biomass systems use timber in various forms to burn in order to supply the required heat output, however if correctly designed with a large storage hopper, these can involve minimal intervention by the homeowner (the same level of involvement as an oil or gas setup in fact).

The costs involved in installing these heating systems is not small by any means and is very reliant upon up-front costs from the property owner, however, the return on investment with a lot of renewables has recently been seen to out perform other forms of investment. If hard cash is something you’re not surrounded by, then it’s such a good a safe investment that there are a number of individual investors ready to pay for your new heating scheme, that way, they get the financial payback and you get a new and more efficient heating system that costs you less to run!

You can read more about the RHI scheme here

If you want to look at your heating system, then get in touch here and I can put you in touch with a local company that can help to talk through the options!

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