Scotland alters Building Regulations to improve safety in homes

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Scotland have announced that as of 1st October, they are making important changes to save lives against Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

The Building Regulations in Scotland have been altered to legislate that a carbon monoxide detector will have to be installed along with any newly fitted gas appliance including boilers, cookers, heaters or fires.  This covers existing houses having replacement boilers etc. fitted and not just new build properties in an aim to upgrade all properties over time.

This is an important issue of which many people are unaware and no doubt the changes to the Building Regulations will go a long way to increasing the safety in a lot of homes.

You can read more information on this news here.

Remember, the Building Regulations are not the best standard possible and in fact, they are the minimum standard.  You can read more here on my FAQ’s page to research information for your building project.


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