Sherlock uses Gloucestershire home for finale!

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Some people are likely to have recognised the villain’s mansion used in the final episode of Sherlock as the home is located in Gloucestershire and is owned by Sir David McMurtry, the boss of the precision engineering firm Renishaw.

The house is the very definition of ‘state of the art’, boasting an array of environmentally friendly features and cutting edge technology. There is a swimming pool and squash court and the house is spread over 10 floors. The home was granted planning permission through special guidance allowing houses of exceptional architectural interest to be built within the green belt. The house is not lived in however and instead is now used for a number of events such as the Sherlock episode.

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Of course, if you were thinking of building a new home in the green belt, then feel free to have a look here at some other houses that have made it through the rigorous planning system. Prepare to be surprised at how few of them there actually are, and of those that got permission take a look at the number that have actually been built!

Swinhay House, Gloucestershire

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