World’s largest wave farm to be in Scotland!

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There has been a lot of bad press recently regarding some of the well known green technologies. The Governments’ sudden closure of the Feed In Tariff (FIT) scheme for the Solar industry. The raft of rejected planning applications and appeals relating to wind farms across the United Kingdom. However, finally some landmark positive news in the form of a new wave farm that is to be built off the coast of Orkney in Scotland.

The new project is a collaboration between energy companies Alstom and SSE Renewables and they hope to establish an initial phase of around 10 Megawatts (MW) and then progress the site up to a 200 MW wave farm.

It’s good to see that more large scale renewable energy is going to be installed in the UK!

Don’t forget, if you are planning major building works to your house or workplace, it may be a good time to review the heating system and become less dependent on connections to ‘the grid’ in one form or another, especially with more Government backed ‘FIT’ schemes due to be announced later this year covering a multitude of green technologies.

Contact us here if you are considering alterations to your home, you may not even need to extend, but instead re-configure the existing space.

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