Single Storey Extension creating ground floor WC Northleach

When thinking of an extension, sometimes biggest is not always best and that was the case with this project. It was a necessary addition to the house, but the client did not wish to lose too much garden space in the process.

Single storey extension to conservatory and new ground floor WC

The client had recently purchased this property, however there was no WC located on the ground floor.  The small, but very necessary, single storey extension required Planning Permission along with Building Regulations approval due to the proximity to the road.

I carried out a full measured survey to create a digital version of the property so that we could start to review the layout options that were available. After the survey was converted into a usable format, the planning layout options were sent to the client for comment. After the client was satisfied with the proposed scheme, the plans for the single storey extension were submitted to the local authority for planning approval.

Once planning permission was obtained, the extension also required full building regulations approval before commencing the work at the property. Large scale details were drawn based on the approved planning drawings and these were then submitted for approval along with the necessary thermal calculations. Once building regulations approval had been granted the project could be progressed at the wish of the client.

The result is a small, but very useful, single storey extension incorporating a WC and allowing the client to reposition the central heating boiler from the existing kitchen allowing additional cupboard space to be gained.

This is a good example of how useful a single storey extension, no matter how small, could be to improve the way you use your home. If you are thinking of extending your home to alter the way in which you use the space, why not visit our frequently asked questions page here for more information about Planning Permission and other areas.

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