What is the cost of construction equipment for your extension??

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If you have ever undertaken an extension you will have spent days and possibly weeks thinking about the costs involved. There are a lot of elements to consider, what taps to choose, what worktop to have in the Kitchen to keep it looking fresh for the longest amount of time, etc etc etc……..

Most people however don’t tend to factor in the purchase of construction equipment for their building project as your average householder doesn’t own a JCB, nor want to for that matter! However it appears that there may have been a change in this trend as in London, it has been said that there are a number of prestige properties that have a digger buried within the house that it worked upon! Bizarre as it sounds, it is believed that after digging a swimming pool basement, the cost benefit analysis has been calculated to show that there is no point with work involved in retrieving said digger after it has performed it’s function!

Working within the confines of London is trying at the best of times, and so when faced with the possibility of closing part of a street and hiring a crane to extract the digger, it is simply deemed not financially viable when working on substantial properties and it’s believed that there are anywhere from 500 to 1000+ diggers buried below the streets of London!

I can’t say that I encourage this activity however as I’m a great believer of reusing items as far as humanly possible, whether it’s a jam jar in the garage to store washers or a vintage ‘thunderbox’ (a toilet to you and me) as a drinks table in my Sitting Room! The thought of purposely burying a digger is well beyond my capabilities that’s for sure!

It’s a truly peculiar activity, and I hope that it hasn’t happened too often. You can be rest assured that it’s not standard practice on any of my building projects and isn’t likely to be written into the costs column anytime soon as far as I’m involved!

You can read more about this odd practice here

If you want to talk about an extension, it’s better off to contact me as early as possible so that abortive costs can be avoided where possible (and I’m not talking about diggers here!).

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