Building Condition Survey on a 37 Bedroom House Gloucester

No, you read correctly, a 37 bedroom house! A prospective purchaser requested a detailed survey of this property. This is obviously a large scale survey to illustrate the scope that I can cover, but don't forget if you're looking at buying a house, be it 1 or 37 bedrooms, then contact me to arrange a full building survey to avoid any nasty shocks!

Detailed Building Condition Survey

The client for this project wanted a full building condition survey to be carried out as the property had previously been used as a care home for the elderly and it had been unoccupied for some time and so was in a relatively poor state of repair. Building works for a sizable extension had been started to the rear of the property, however these had since been abandoned. The interior of the building had been badly vandalised when I visited the property, with all of the copper wiring and pipework having been forcibly removed.

The Client wished to know what it would take to get the building back into a livable state once more. The building condition survey was extensive due to the scale of the property and so took place over a number of days. This was then followed with a full written report supplied to the client in both hard copy and an electronic version. This included a detailed description of every room/area in the building (more than 100 in total) along with a recommendation list of works that were either required or desirable.

The report covered such issues as health and safety as well as problems that, if left unattended, could create heavy repair bills in the future. Due to the size of the property, the condition of the roof was of paramount importance as repair could be tolerated, but replacement could mean that the purchase of the premises was no longer viable.

If you need a Building Condition Survey to be carried out for a property you’re looking at buying or renting (be it residential or commercial), why not contact David Gregory Design here.

The cost of a building condition survey will vary from building to building as it largely depends on the scale of the building you are looking at purchasing, but be rest assured that once you have the survey in your hands, you will be fully aware of any problems that are currently visible, and also a guide about possible problems that could occur in the future if left unattended!

Remember, you wouldn’t buy a car without an M.O.T test, so why would you buy a property without a building condition survey?!

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