A two storey side extension to a family home with a green roof Cheltenham

This family home needed an updated kitchen and dining area and the owners wanted to stay put for the long-term so a lot of work was also done to the existing house too.

Family home with a two storey extension

Sometimes the projects with the best outcomes start with a longer term view and lots of my projects start with a family home. In this instance there was no desire to ever move from the house, but equally, it needed some changes to the existing house and also had space to add a good sized extension.
Making better use of the original house is always key in my view, as there’s little point adding an extension without making the most of what’s there already.

After going through a number of different options for various schemes the final design was agreed by the client before proceeding to the Planning Application stage. Once the permission was in hand, the detailed drawing stage could be undertaken so that the Building Regulations application could be submitted.

The results of the project hopefully speak for themselves, but what was gained was a better use of space within the original part of the house and working this through with the proposed extension to be sure that the space was truly well utilised. A previous integral garage was replaced with a more formal Utility and Storage area for bikes etc. whilst the original Sitting Room was extended into the space that the Dining Room previously occupied.

The build also incorporated the use of a green roof to the front and rear single storey slopes, which were in fact planted by the clients themselves. By continuing this element above some parts of the existing house, we were able to remove some areas of flat roofing that were in need of attention and it really helped to tie the two parts of the family home together. It also helps of course to encourage our ‘creepy crawlies’ to build a new home for themselves at the same time!