Conversion of coal shed to create a Kitchen and Dining Room Leeds

Not all building works involve extending into, often precious, garden space. Sometimes, all that is required is internal re-modelling and some good design to make better use of the existing floor area.

Conversion of a coal shed to form a modern Kitchen and informal Dining area

Here the client already had a sizable kitchen, but the configuration of the ground floor meant that the hallway was very undersized for the style and size of property. After a full measured survey was undertaken a number of proposed schemes were passed to the client to show options of some possible routes to take. It was agreed that the best choice would be to re-style the Hallway, create a new Utility room in the process and push the Kitchen area towards the rear of the house through the conversion of the existing coal shed and external Utility room to the rear of the property.

Due to the conversion of this existing space, which could previously only be accessed from the garden, the footprint of the property did not have to be altered. In this case there was no need for Planning Permission (please refer to out FAQ’s section for planning matters). Building Regulations consent was required however, due to the structural and thermal works that were undertaken.

The result is a large hallway that now suits the proportions of the property and a light, airy, modern Kitchen/Dining area, with easy access to the rear garden. Please take time to review the photographs to get a feel how the alterations made such a difference to this property.

If you are thinking of extending your house, just think about if you need to or whether in fact you could make better use of the existing floor area and convert this into the additional space you are looking for. A loft conversion is a great example of being able to utilise existing floor area within your property, without the additional expense of adding new foundations to your building project!

You can find out more about whether your project will require Planning Permission from ‘The Planning Portal’ which can be accessed here. Although be aware that the works may require other permissions such as Building Regulations Consent, so feel free to contact me here to discuss your project in detail and we can go from there!