Grade II Listed Building, Addition of a new Family Room Swindon

The common problem with an expanding family is one of space. Such was the case with this property.

Traditional Construction Family Room Extension to a Listed Toll House Building

A number of small rooms in this Grade II Listed Building made for a challenging project.  The first step was to meet with the client to review the existing ground floor layout and to discuss the options that might be available. The result was the addition of a small family room to the side of the existing listed building that had a minimal effect on the existing property and using materials that matched that of the existing property was a must. A new ground floor W.C was also incorporated into the property with the proposals.

The project required Planning Permission and Listed Building Consent and after some negotiations with the Local Authority these were granted. Once these were obtained, Building Regulations approval was also sought. The highly detailed large scale working drawings were based on the approved Planning and Listed Building scheme and covered in depth the manufacturers of the materials. The construction methods that were to be used during the building process were also described on these drawings.

As the property was a Grade II Listed Building, the two original sash windows were carefully removed and re-used after these were taken from the original side wall of the dwelling that the new extension now covers. The existing sash windows now sit alongside two new traditional style single glazed sash windows, made to the exact dimensions of the original windows so that the new additions fit in with the existing building.

Do you own, or are you considering purchasing, a Listed Building? If so, be sure that you fully appreciate the restrictions on any building works. ALL alterations, both external AND internal will require Listed Building Consent! Feel free to contact me here to discuss any Listed Building Project.

These issues are also very sensitive when it comes to purchasing a listed building, so please be sure to have a survey carried out as repairs to listed buildings often cost more than a direct replacement, which is unlikely to be granted in the majority of circumstances.