Condition survey on a vacant industrial building Cheltenham

The building was 'to let' and a prospective tenant contacted me to carry out a condition survey to review any areas of concern that they should be aware of prior to letting the property.

Detailed Condition Survey

A client wished to undertake a long term lease on this building and so contacted me to carry out a visual condition survey. The condition survey sought to find the key issues that would need to be rectified or may have an effect on the rental value for the property. This would then be used in rental negotiations and also as a record of condition for when the lease term ended to save costly repair bills having to paid by the client for problems that may have been present before they took possession of the property.

This was followed by a detailed written report and along with a photographic record, which was issued to the client in both electronic and hard copy and included a recommendation list for works that were either required or desirable. A number of immediate problems were highlighted within the report and it was passed on to the client to see if there was any negotiations that could take place with the rental cost.

This is a highly important service, whether you are considering renting or purchasing a property. This could be for residential or commercial properties and can prove invaluable to determine if the building is likely to need major, or minor, works at any stage in the near future. Contact David Gregory Design here to discuss having a building condition survey carried out to avoid any unknown problems.

The client, who runs a part-worn tyre company, has now been in the premises for a number of years and has never been busier. If you want to pay the company a visit you can find them here.

Remember if you are thinking of saving money by not having a condition survey done then you can read more in this BBC article here that highlights some of the dangers of not having a full condition survey (sometimes also known as a structural survey).