Listed building Survey & Full Refurb to Create Real Ale pub! Cheltenham

Detailed Condition Survey and complex refurbishment to a Listed Building

This Listed Building was a challenging project from the outset. I was instructed to undertake a full condition survey of this Listed Building for the client who was looking to purchase the property. The historic property was in a poor state of repair and at the time of the survey had no electrics, water or heating and so the survey ran to 25 pages by the time it was complete. The client was undeterred however, and had decided that this was the correct property and location for what he had in mind.

After the purchase of the property was completed, the client contacted me once again with a view to carrying out the survey and proposal drawings that would be required for altering the building to suit the new usage. The property dates back to around the year 1800 and is both a listed building and also situated within the central Conservation Area of Cheltenham. To make matters more challenging, somebody in the past had made a raft of changes to the building and in doing so had removed a large number of the original features from the building and replaced these with modern versions. The original timber staircase for example had been removed at some stage and been replaced with a steel and concrete version.

Due to the number of un-authorised changes that had taken place within and around the building, my first step was to have a meeting with a member of the Conservation department within Cheltenham Borough Council to discuss the current state of the building and work with them to agree a route forward with the refurbishment.

The proposed layout was agreed with the client and these were submitted to the Council for Planning and Listed Building Consents. After some negotiations to agree the exact details the second stage was to obtain Building Regulations consent for the proposals before works could commence on site and ensure that all the new elements would meet health and safety standards which was particularly important given the new usage as a Public House!

I was then asked by the client to visit the site periodically to review particular areas of concern as the renovation works proceeded. This also included on-going discussions with the Conservation Department regarding various elements.

The result……..well, far from being on the buildings at risk register, the building is now thoroughly refreshed and revived with a thriving new real ale pub offering a bewildering array of ales as you can see from the photos of the bar!

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