Changing the layout of an historic house Ross-On-Wye

Most buildings are altered over time by their owners, although I'm sure that they're always done with best intentions, some house layouts don't suit our style of modern living. Some need serious thought to design a much needed change to a building!

Updating a building to cope with modern living

This large historic building had been altered over the years with a large amount of brown wood-effect plastic windows and doors along with a large modern conservatory built awkwardly on the front of the house, detracting from the symmetry of the front elevation.

The clients wished to alter the Kitchen area to be both a better size and to have easier physical and visual links to the garden. The building project involved major structural alterations to the rear corner of the house so that a large ‘L’ shaped Kitchen and informal Dining area could created. The significant steelwork required was all designed to be completely hidden from sight once the project was completed and so all the structural members are located above the ceiling line to form flawless connections between level and sloping ceilings to enhance the open and spacious feeling to the new Kitchen area.

I followed the project through from inception to completion due to the complex nature of such structural alterations to an historic building. I attended regular site inspection visits to ensure that the new building works were being undertaken as all parties had agreed. Meetings with the clients and main building contractor also helped to keep things on the straight and narrow with any issues that were found being able to be resolved quickly.

The clients also incorporated a detailed landscaping scheme to co-inside with the construction works, to include a full Kitchen garden and natural stone paving externally to the front, side and rear of the house which help to frame the new layout making you feel like you are dining in the South of France!

The end result of this project is breathtaking and together with the high quality fittings used I feel the attention to detail speaks for itself in the photographs.

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