Oak Framed Garden Room with Queen Post Truss Bourton-on-the-water

A spacious house in the countryside, but lacking good interaction with the garden area. The solution was to add a bespoke oak framed garden room onto the rear of the property to provide a light and airy space to relax.

Oak Framed Garden Room with Queen Post Feature Truss

The initial meeting revealed that the client required a better link between the existing house and the garden and that they felt that an oak framed extension was the perfect way to achieve this. I carried out a measured survey to record the existing layout of the property. Draft proposals were then sent through to the client for comments and were amended until the client was satisfied that the scheme would cover all of their needs. The architectural drawings and necessary details were then submitted to the local authority and in due course Planning Permission was obtained for the building project.

The project required a number of external consultants including a local oak framing company, a building contractor (to run the majority of the works on site), and a structural engineer. During the process I contacted a number of companies in each of these areas to provide quotations for their input and these were then passed to the client for consideration.

Following this, the approved Planning drawings used as the basis to create a full set of working drawings to include large scale sections of the oak and details of specific areas and additional notation. These were then submitted for Building Regulations approval along with the necessary thermal and structural calculations.

The result of this hard work quickly becomes clear once you see the beautiful curved queen post oak truss and accompanying purlins.

I go through this same detailed process with all of my projects, regardless of their scale, so you can be sure that you can achieve your dream project with minimal complication.

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