David who?!

So you want to hand over your property to somebody so that you can gain some floor space or re-design the existing space you have? Well, you need to know who you’re dealing with don’t you?!

My name is David Gregory and I am the owner of David Gregory Design Ltd. The company is based in Newent, and covers works to properties in and around Gloucestershire and all around the UK where it may be needed.

So enough about the company, what drives me? What made me decide to start my own company more than 11 years ago? In what am I interested? And most importantly, why would I be ideal to work with you on your property?

Well, I’m a very determined person and I like things to be ‘just so’. I’ve always been keen on detail as I think it’s all too easy to get 95% of the way to having something great and ruin it in the last 5% if you’re not careful!

Outside of work, I like to spend time with our two daughters, whether it’s family swimming or having some extra ‘helpers’ when doing DIY! I’m also a recovering collector, having had a vast range of classic cars over the years and I still have some dating back to 1937! They are all in various states of repair, the 1937 being the most challenging as you may expect for a car which is 83 years old! I have done everything on my cars myself over the years, from the welding to the electrics.
The love of cars has now morphed and joined together with my love of all things green and so the main car, in use since 2016, is powered by the sun!

The oldest………………………………………………………………………………………………….The youngest!

My other interest is ‘do-it-yourself’, and myself and my partner Victoria completed a raft of work on our previous house. As my day-job for the last 20+ years has been property design, the house was drawn out on day one and the re-design process began. After a few different versions (of course!) the kitchen was moved from one end of the house to the other, to increase the usable space within the sitting room. We also moved walls on the first floor, replaced every door frame (all of which I made myself in the end!) and all the doors (some of which were handmade by me too!), replaced all the skirting boards and architrave throughout the house, installed my own copper piped heating system with radiators. The list goes on and on, we replaced every switch, nearly every wire, had the majority of the house re-plastered………. anyway, I imagine that this is sufficient to show you that when I look at a design for your property, I am coming at it with an additional viewpoint as I have done all types of construction work outside of my career, meaning I know how things go together! It may sound obvious, but having someone of a practical nature on your building project could make all the difference.

Prior to our two daughters arriving myself and my partner Victoria cycled from Berkeley (between Bristol and Gloucester) to Padstow one summer, carrying all of our clothes, food and camping equipment on the bikes themselves, which we soon found out from cyclists we met along the way, is hardly done by anybody these days! We hope to pick this hobby back up in a few years as the girls already love their balance bikes!

I also used to sail in Southampton and after a number of voyages in and around the Solent and to France, I took part in a leg of the Tall Ships Race from Norway to Denmark on a 70ft yacht along with 24 other men (yes, it was a tad cosy at times!).

Music is involved with all areas of my life and I was previously a member of the Cotswold Male Voice Choir. I tend to be somewhere between the Tenors and the Second Tenors (although I am meant to be a Second Tenor, but it’s easy to get carried away!).

Other than that, I am quite involved with the charity WaterAid. I give voluntary talks to local groups who are interested in learning more about the work that is being done. I have been trained to give structured workshops to schools and have done a lot of these over the years. It’s a charity with a simple quest for the most basic of provisions that we all take for granted every day, so if you’re thinking of rainwater harvesting, then I’ll be more than keen to look at the options with you! I am also a financial supporter of this charity along with Friends of the Earth, both personally and through the company.

I think that we all have a responsibility to save energy in our daily lives and so I try to make my own contribution by making the business as helpful to the environment as possible. For example I work from a home based office which allows me to keep car travel to a minimum and means that I only have to heat one building. We have a sizeable solar array on our house, which helps to power the electric car directly. I only buy 100% recycled paper and envelopes, for where email correspondence is not suitable. All of the banking is with “The Co-operative” to ensure that the financial elements are also covered by a strict set of ethical principles. Finally, “Ecotricity” supplies the electricity so that any profits made on selling the electricity goes back into funding wind generated electricity across the UK.

How can I find out more about David Gregory Design?

You can of course follow David Gregory Design on Twitter and Facebook!

……and don’t forget my blog too! (here)

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