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New house foundation excavation woth concrete blocks, rubble pile and digger

New Building Housing

Dumper truck wheel on gravel

So, you've watched every 'Grand Designs-esque' programme you can find and now you want to show them all how it's done and build your own - you're in the right place!

JCB excavator with soil and broken up tarmac

Not looking for an 'off the peg' home, don't worry I've never drawn one!

If you feel that extending a house wouldn't be enough of a change, perhaps you have instead considered building your own home from scratch.

I can tell you upfront that it's not easy and there are many turns to take in the process, however if you have a vision for something you want to create for your family then perhaps we can work together to make it happen.

If you're still reading then you might be open to the suggestion of building something amazing, rather than a 'chocolate box' house. Whether you're looking at a bare piece of land or looking to replace an existing building with a new one, I can help to get you there.

New house projects can take many forms, but they will usually all start with a blank piece of paper and an idea.

Concerned about the impact you might have by building a new home, go and look at my climate page to see how far we could go.

Open plan dining, living and kitchen area

Not sure how to pull everything together?

Perhaps I can help with that too!

Since starting the company over 15+ years ago I have worked with a good number of companies and individuals, so I can usually help to point people in the right direction.


When looking at creating a new home this might be any or all of the following - 

  • Mortgage providers 

  • Planning specialists

  • Measured survey providers (to accurately measure a site or property)

  • Oak framing

  • Interior design

  • Kitchen design

  • Electrical

  • Landscape design

  • Flooring specialists

  • Window and door companies

  • 3D visualisation providers

  • Structural engineers

  • Builders 

Due to the scale of a project such as this, it's not only necessary to use other specialists, it's very often beneficial as they can bring other ideas and suggestions drawing on their own experience too. 

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