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David Gregory Design

Bedroom with a fully glazed gable end and sea views

Working in the Forest of Dean to provide nationwide


Architectural Design


Building Surveying

Founded in 2008

Spacious hallway with tiled flooring, staircase and gallery landing above

Past Projects

Replacement Dwelling,


New build SIPS house

New House -


Kitchen Extension and Timber Porch, Herefordshire

Front elevation of family home with custom painted timber porch

Extension & Alterations - Residential

Single Storey Rear Extension,


Rear kitchen extension with glulam ridge beam and bi folding doors

Extension -


Two Storey Extension, Cheltenham

Kitchen extension with timber flooring

Extension - 


Single Storey Extension,


Seating area with bifold doors and custom glazed screen above

Extension - 


Building Condition Surveys

Timber decay, missing insulation, rust, lead flashings, broken tiles, building defects

Building Surveys

What makes this clock tick?

I'm a fan of awkward questions and a firm believer in 'putting the cards on the table' at the outset of a project.

The most proud introduction I have had from a past client, when suggesting myself to their friend, was that I "wouldn't do what they thought they wanted". Once my mind had confirmed that it wasn't an insult, I found it an immense compliment!

To be clear, it's not to say that I won't listen, only that after spending more time in other peoples houses than my own for the last 25 years you tend to see things differently.

The first scheme is always to draw out the ideas from a client (although don't worry if you are at a complete loss). This is however always coupled with a second and sometimes third scheme to sense check the thoughts and ensure that the revised space will actually get them what they need, not what they think they will need!

David Gregory
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